Friday, June 11, 2010

Baltimore Bemoans Blackhawk

This thing is going national.

"Despite 11 Bicycle Friendly Communities, including Platinum level Boulder, not all Colorado towns are striving to become bike-friendly. Our member organization Bicycle Colorado alerted us to a bicycle ban in the town of Black Hawk:"

Blackhawk Colorado Is Internationally Infamous

They are talking about it in Toronto!

Austin Outraged By Blackhawk Ban

Even as as far away as Austin Texas, people are outraged by Blackhawk.

Facebook Group For Boycotting Blackhawk

Join here.

Adventure Cycling on Blackhawk

Adventure Cycling Covers the Blackhawk ban.

Why A Boycott?

 According to 9News:

"Copp says although people from around Colorado and across the country have expressed disapproval over the new measure, he says Black Hawk residents and businesses support it."

I think some people who are cyclists might also be gamblers as well.   Hit them where it hurts.

An Open Letter To Blackhawk

To: Mayor David D. Spellman and Aldermen Linda Armbright, Paul G. Bennett, Diane Cales, Kathleen Doles, Tom Kerr, Greg Moates

I am a Colorado resident and an avid cyclist.   I love to travel around the state with my family both by car and by bicycle.    One place I will not be planning to visit is Blackhawk, as your town has taken the unconscionable step of banning bicycling.

Furthermore, I have taken the time to create a website to inform the public of your new law and discourage anyone from visiting Blackhawk or spending their money there.
Please restore bicycle access to Gregory Street and all Black Hawk streets. Your ban is closing a major cross-state route to bicyclists preventing residents and tourists from biking.


Jason D. Steele
Denver, Colorado

What You Can Do

1.  Boycott Blackhawk Colorado

2.  Contact Blackhawk Colorado and tell them you are boycotting them.   Council phone: 303-582-2212

More information at the web page of Bicycle Colorado

Gambling Town Bans Bikes

Says 9News.    Their crazy reason: ""The idea behind it as you can see when cars come by, there's really not a lot of room for bikes," Mike Copp, city manager for Black Hawk, said."

What a moron!   Colorado is one of the country's most bicycle friendly states, yet this town actually wants to ticket people for riding a bicycle!

Crazy Town Doesn't Care About Public

"Bicycle Colorado says that according to City Manager Mike Copp, no cyclists or cycling organisations were consulted prior to the ban, and added that the local police chief, there had been no fatalities of cyclists ahead of it being implemented.

It added that neither the police chief nor the city manager could remember and collisions between cars and bicycles, despite the latter claiming that the law had been enacted “to promote safety.”"

Boycott Blackhawk Colorado

Blackhawk Colorado has banned bicycling!    I encourage all vacationers to boycott this town.

If you must gamble, go next door to Central City.

Don't stop there, don't buy gas there, don't stay there.