Friday, June 11, 2010

Austin Outraged By Blackhawk Ban

Even as as far away as Austin Texas, people are outraged by Blackhawk.


  1. And Los Alamos noticed too, as did the BikeAlbuquerque email group.


    Blackhawk is a lovely town in Colorado however the casino businesses and crowds ruin it. Now it's against the law to ride a bike through the town. So while people are getting fatter by the minute in your casinos, they won't even be able to burn off the calories because it makes sense to drive a car in a small town. Good job Blackhawk, good thing our country doesn't have a major obesity problem! Way to support that, you should be really proud of the work you are doing! Meanwhile, you maybe unaware, but there is a serious climate issue going around called global warming. It seems like every town around you gets the picture to promote green/ healthy living except you, but it's ok because you'll find a way to ignore this email and use money and greed as an excuse our better yet you will point the finger to your customers who are now going to take the blame for bikes being dangerous. How you make any sense of yourselves in just might as well be from Mars. I tell you what, next time in your town, I'll be mounted on a thouroughbread and ride it all around town. And go ahead try to give me a ticket for 68 bucks because thats total fair. What you are doing in this town is just sickening, absolutley sickening and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for all the greed going around. Learn a lesson from BP and do us all a favor. Oh yeah, and if it's legal to ride a bike in New York City than there is no reason why someone couldn't ride a bike in your quaint town.

  3. i cant find the facebook